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Jamie Quatro's debut novel, Fire Sermon, is forthcoming in January 2018 with Grove Press (U.S.), Picador (U.K.), Atlas Contact (The Netherlands), and Anansi International (Canada).


“It's rare, to the point of near non-existence, to find a book that has such literary weight and heft, yet reads like a sonnet. I look at it in puzzlement, wondering how Jamie Quatro gave such breadth, depth and intensity in so few words. And it's funny, and real, and painful, so painful. Also a shot of light. An education. A mirror. Terrifying.”

—Samantha Harvey (author of The Wilderness and Dear Thief)

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Maggie and Thomas have been married for 20 years. When Maggie, an emerging writer, begins corresponding with one of her literary idols, what begins as a platonic exchange between two like-minded intellectuals transforms into something dangerous, an erotically-charged liaison that challenges her commitment to husband, family and ultimately her own deeply-held moral and spiritual beliefs.

Forthcoming January 2018 from Grove Press (USA), Picador (UK), Anansi International (Canada), Atlas Contact (Netherlands), and Minimum Fax (Italy).